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vendredi 19 octobre 2018

International Solidarity Day with Natives - Paris 10/13/2018

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance


A'HO !
We stand with Natives ! 

French version:

Welcome to our little rebelling blog !
International Solidarity Day with Natives in Paris
(Note: this appelation is not a government or institution creation. 
It's the name gaved by the association CSIA for this special event.)

As we had announced previously, the day of October 13 was rich in events on the French capital. "The Kaves are rebelling" did not move to Paris to put pearls that Saturday!

Celebrating the anniversary of its 40th anniversary, the CSIA-Nitassinan (Native American Support Committee) organized the 38th edition of the International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of the Americas at Salle Jean Dame in Paris on October 13, 2018. 

Simultaneously took place the march for the climate in the excessive city of Paris, which did not prevent us from arriving (we are everywhere) around 17:30 in the district of the "Sentier" to attend the rest of the conferences organized all along in the afternoon and evening.

 Having arrived quite late, we missed some debates, but we were able to catch up by talking with people in a relaxed atmosphere.
After a visit to the committed merchandising stand, we are installed in the middle of a room unfortunately sparse but attentive. We do not hide that we supported the cause financially (in the extent of our means), and we were proud to wear its colors there:

Let's go into the heart of the Pow Wow.

Several delegations from indigenous peoples were present and spoke at the conferences.
Kanak peoples, Amazonian Indians from Guyana, Mapuches from Chile and Argentina, Mohawks from Canada, Dakota Lakotas and Standing Rock all spoke of the struggle of the indigenous peoples of the world.

They are the first line in the struggle for the preservation of the environment and it is also more simply a matter of life and death for them.

Many emotions listening to all these speakers especially Kanaks telling the nuclear aberrations of the French state in their corner of ocean paradise that is not so much. 

The same goes for the French Guyanans delegation outraged and outraged by the project of the "Golden Mountain" mine supported by the French state once again.

The American Indian Movement (which is celebrating its 50th anniversary) also had a delegation, and if you are a regular at this counter, you know that we support their cause since the beginning of the case of the damned pipeline Dapl to Standing Rock North Dakota.
It is therefore not without attention and emotion that we listened to the testimonies of the three Lakotas speakers in a respectful silence.

What a shock all the same, to see and meet these people in real life while we have supported their fight digitally for so many years, it has strengthened our faith to continue the fight even more.Standing Rock has awakened the world. 
But his people are dying slowly.
The Native genocide continues by the grace (...) of capitalism this time, also because of a terrible anti-native racism of the Americans, also because of the fossil industries and this while it appears that we are in the 21st century. 
Damn It seems that all this massacre of fauna, flora and indigenous peoples is done in the name of "Civilization". 

Contaminated water, plundered resources, treats violated, the native reserves are in the eye of the storm of the police (and there is talk of American robocops eh), protesters are abused, abused, threatened. Arbitrary arrests and expeditious justice complete this gloomy picture. 
The protectors of the water are considered criminals.
Native political prisoners are numerous in Yankee jails.
The oil industry is a victim of native Protestants, admit that it is still huge. 
Big Oil industry would therefore be afraid of some Lakota, and thanks to the help of the Police forces, they swing the refractory Indians behind bars.   
                     Free Leonard Peltier ! Free Red Fawn!

Unfortunately, the Native problem is not just about fighting for water, land, or treaty compliance (absolutely never respected in this case). 
 It is also all the despair of the 500 nations against the political system of North America.
Like any poor people, wherever they are, they also suffer from mass unemployment, drug trafficking, rampant prostitution and an increasingly worrying precariousness.
Only they decided not to let go, they fight.
They do with their means and their weapons, and also through the Internet the new brand conqueror to give exposure to the deadly struggles that the Natives have been delivering for decades everywhere on the American continent in the almost complete indifference of the rest of the world. 
Finally, Canada and the US allow themselves to behave like Nazis (yes I dare) with the greatest impunity. Europe is also closing its eyes cheerfully, it is not some natives who will spoil the sacrosanct economic profits made thanks to oil. 
As a reminder, several French banks are involved in the financing of pipeline projects in the United States or Canada. Once again, we demand the immediate and unconditional cessation of these unbearable French financing. Banksters, you are participating in an infamy, howl!

America was not discovered, it was invaded.
 First by the Europeans, then the Yankees, and now it is the turn of banks and multinationals to serve as bloody blue tunics to continue the massacre of the original people of America. 
There we go, we get carried away, and we deviated a little from the day organized by the CSIA, but the reality explained by the Lakota during the conference is the one described in the previous paragraphs. 
Last but not the least, so it was a song of an old Lakota that closed the debate, before a break and a concert of Hip Hop Amerindian (among others).

After a great day of activism, we left Paris both worried and reassured.
Worried about the future of these people, reassured by their incredible capacity for resilience and resilience. After all, it's been more than 522 years since it lasted, living under the yoke of oppressors, the Natives know all too well what that means. 

Finally, thank you to the CSIA for the organization of this moment, and we publish in the continuity of this article the letter published by the association for its 40 years of existence.

 Revolutionary greetings and rebelling Kaves.
A'HO !

The letter of CSIA for its 40th anniversary:

Anniversary of CSIA-Nitassinan/October 2018

 40 years of solidarity with the indigenous peoples of the Americas. This year, the American Indian Movement (AIM) celebrates 50 years of existence and resistance to the rights of indigenous peoples and communities in North America. 

This emblematic movement will be repressed by the US authorities. Knowing that indigenous peoples would not get anything from the countries that colonize them, the leaders of AIM and the Haudenausonee Confederation (Iroquois) will decide to turn to the international community. 

In 1977, the Indian International Treaty Council (IITC), an indigenous NGO set up to begin negotiations with the United Nations, will hold a historic event at UN headquarters in Geneva: the first Conference on Discrimination against Indigenous Peoples of the United Nations Americas. 
At this conference, Russell Means (Sioux Lakota) will call for solidarity networks to be set up around the world to break the reductive myths against indigenous peoples and support them in case of violation of their rights.
 He also asks that October 12, celebrated in honor of Christopher Columbus in the colonizing countries, be declared International Day of Solidarity with Native American Peoples. 

People from France, present at the UN on this occasion, will meet his expectations by creating the Committee of Solidarity with the Indians of the Americas (CSIA-Nitassinan) in 1978. 
The CSIA-Nitassinan since then has struggled alongside our Alaska Native friends and ally in Tierra del Fuego.

We are proud to have participated in The Longest March (1978), to become the first support group for the Native American political prisoner, Leonard Peltier at the international level (1978), to organize each year the International Day of solidarity with Amerindian peoples (uninterrupted since 1980), to have been part of the Sacred Runs for Land and Life of the Anishinaabe leader, Dennis Banks (since 1990), to have participated in the Continental Campaign "500 Years of Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance" and the success of the Nobel Peace Prize given to the Mayan representative of Guatemala, Rigoberta Menchu ​​Tum (1992), for being on the side of Mohawks during the Oka Crisis /Kanesatake (1990) and the Zapatista insurgency in Chiapas (1994), to have participated alongside Indigenous Environmental Network and Honor The Earth in actions at COP21 (2015), to have mobilized during the resistance to Standing Rock against the construction of the DAPL pipeline and to have launched the disinvestment campaign of French banks investing in extractivism projects on indigenous lands (from 2016), to fight alongside indigenous peoples still colonized by France (native of Guyana, Kanaky, Tahiti) for the recognition of their existence and the respect of their rights, and finally we are honored to have accompanied the indigenous organizations to the United Nations until the ratification in 2007 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

This list is not exhaustive and the fight continues in the Americas - and CSIA-Nitassinan is always present with its small team of passionate volunteers.
Once again this year, come and join the many events organized in October to celebrate the 40 years of solidarity of our association and meet our Native American allies who have marked the history of modern Aboriginal resistance and our history.

Sylvain Duez-AlesandriniCSIA-NitassinanNew CSIA office elected July 5, 2018Aurélie Journée (President), Edith Patrouilleau (Vice-President), Julie Marsault (Treasurer), Jamilla Boukerma (Secretary), Céline Planchou (Assistant Secretary)