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mardi 16 octobre 2018


"Change system, not climate"

🚨Breaking news🚨
 March for the climate 13 October 2018 14h15: 
When Heel Krix Admin kaviste rebel anonymous meets an Alien in Paris.
Believe it or not, but do not denounce it to the authorities, they would cut it up! 
Our Alien of Paname, he is a very nice guy
He supports our fight and he loves chocolate!


Climate March Paris 10/13/2018

Hi World citizens who talk in english !

🚨Article all in english language about the climate march in Paris and elsewhere. 
Excuse us for our little french accent.
Read it, like it (or not) and share it.
Sharing is a weapon of mass construction
The climate protestors take over Paris✊✊✊
Fight continues😈

The link in french is here:

 Ladies and gentleman, my name is Heel Krix and I am your blog admin. 
We are proud to welcome you in our little universe. 
A rebel universe.
 Are you ready for read? And Here... We... go...

Universal rebel walk, the review that rebels!

More than a march for the climate, a popular and responsible vindictive protest. 
More than a universal rebelling review, a manifesto.

Let it be said loud and clear, the "Work buy consumes pollute destroy sleep repeat" as the only horizon, we do not want more and it is known in spoken as in writing, with hopes and despair. 
 Let's not try, let's do it.

Saturday, October 13, 2018, The street is ours ! 
Honey pack the bags (or the bag of the perfect little protester), we go up to Paris! 
Paname is stormed by a motley crowd of looters who have come to claim justice for the climate, just that, just for that, all for that. 
Freedom equity solidarity, ecological and social justice.

Passivity and inaction being two of the greatest threats to mankind, the kaves rebel themselves also physically participated in this event (we are everywhere) which is the second step in two months, but the calls to maintain the pressure, to continue actions and protests are legions, so it's not over!

Saturday, this popular movement shook more than 80 cities everywhere in France, the serious things begin, there is still time but it will have to go faster and faster.
"The small steps, that's not enough" sang in the procession, it seems even more, it's enough.
 Let's change the system, not the climate? 
Okay okay, let's go cheerfully, but we'll have to tug on, my friends ...

An ecocide unfolds live before our eyes that we hide, our ears that we plug, our mouths that we close (too). 
This massive climate crisis is a crime caused by humans against Nature AND Humanity. 
 We are the cause of climate change, we face the consequences, it is imperative that we are the solutions. 
Otherwise nature will die, and we will.The deafening silence of the leaders facing the ecocidal projects of our system has just had an answer from the people below: 
We think we are no longer following you.
Whoever sows climate injustice harvests anger. 
This is not an exercise, this is not a complaint, this is a revolt.

  When will a politician respond favorably to this revolt by taking the real measures that impose themselves as a global emergency for nature, fauna, flora and humanity?

Damn, let's talk about the event itself, let's do a little bit of workflow.
 Personally, just a sentence to say that it was a beautiful day and will remain in the top 5 of the most beautiful collective protests in which I participated. 

Arrived at the scene at 13h, we had lunch on the steps of the Opera (not without distributing some kavist leaflets, we do not rebuild ;-)) and then integrated the head procession, not without having previously transformed the placards graciously gaves by the political movement France Insubordinated in the colors of your favorite counter-bouncer! 

 The group FB "it is still time" had well prepared his business as well as all the associations present on the site.  
Flags and giant bells were out.You will be spared a long description of the various animations, songs, slogans, signs, happening, claping all along the procession.
A village of associations stands was waiting for us at the arrival of the Republic for a final that could not be more tasty. 

For info, when we arrived in Republic (by running), there was still the world Place de l'Opera!

Feeling these people stand up warmed the heart as well as see the younger generations present in the climate rebellion. 

And it is not hope that he gives this people there, because hope is dangerous, no it is a new breath of resistance for all who think that another world is possible, which have struggled for years to warn of the danger that threatens.

At the time of writing this post, we do not know the "official" figures of the demonstrators in Paris and elsewhere, but in truth we do not care, the important thing is not there, the numbers, we always interpret as you want anyway. 

The essential was elsewhere, it was in the mere presence of people lambdas, come to be heard, come to be understood, came to shout their claims, come on behalf of the Earth, come together to show as citizens of the World their absolute bolt against the masquerade of politicians and industrialists, we put it backwards for far too long, causing almost irreversible a climate disaster already begun.
We can always gloss over the fact that the dismay of Nicolas Hulot (former ecologism minister) would have supposedly been the cause of this gathering for the climate, but the reality is quite different, it's been decades that we try to alert humanity on consequences of these acts and the permanent negative impact it imposes on our common good: the Earth.
Since the 60s, we are warned, we are warned (still these cursed hippies) it will not have been necessary to wait for the resignation of some sinister of the eclectic ecology, as people as it, to become aware of the stakes climate change, the environment that awaits us.
The Internet (the brand new conqueror) has also revolutionized the ways of struggle and organization by also helping to anchor in the brains that all that was decided in the big "instances" was not enough anymore, not enough, and will not be enough in the future if a true systemic turning is not taken.

So yes everyone Saturday was hot, warmer than the climate ... Really?
 The climate was 27 degrees on October 13 in Paris, but rest assured, ALL GOOD.

Attention it is not because an event is festive that it is not to be taken seriously. 
This event was therefore festive but determined, friendly but militant, peaceful but contentious, cheerful but realistic, dynamic but activist, it is a conscious and awake crowd on the fact that the fight will not be delivered in a single day but it will last again and again and again. 
 We are only at the beginning.

From the place of the Opera to Republic, the irony was that we pass two of the symbols of the hypermainmise of capitalism on our environment, namely the Stock Exchange and the financial markets agency where some suits cravat 's amused as at the zoo to see these accursed hippies appropriating the streets of Paris.
These mocking "fellows" who think that the demonstrators are funny jokers harmless will realize at their expense that the zozos écolos also know how to organize themselves and make fun of jeers, especially when they come from sad lords like them. 

We will do without you, the #banksters and other infamous traders.

Ecologism, not lobbys
 As we have already written in these places, as we have already told the counter, despite the name "Walk for the climate", we consider in the Kave that this is above all a political manifestation, a social protest. ecological, a firm and massive protest against the ecological policies practiced (or not) by our societal system, our institutions, and our industries.
 Make no mistake, the current social movements of the Social Front + Fighting Climate Change are fighting the same battle against a common enemy.

The governments, the states, the fossil industries, the agro-industrial enterprises, the lobbies, the banks, the giant exploitation of the natural resources, the forced urbanization, the infinite growth, the astronomical profits in the pockets of some, the unjust shareholding, all are in the sights of mobilizations, activists and activists. All. 

This is also the globalization of activism, the number we represent can / must be an unavoidable force.

There is not only one front line, but a multitude. 

We will be on all battlegrounds.
We will be at the forefront of all environmental and social aberrations.

 It is time to unite these struggles to effectively confront the system by ceasing the divisions and quarrels of shops.

Go fuckin' away capitalism!

It is a global rejection of the paradigm in which we have been living for far too long and in which our present government indulges in no decency.
 So President Macron damn you, this movement of October 13 saw the green people go down the street, without party cards, without partisan wars, from all sides to defend the idea that it is the system that must change, not the climate.Let's defend ourselves, build collectives, use our rights wisely, collectively attack the state, the companies guilty of this madness, responsible for most of the environmental degradation.  
Whether at the local, regional, national or global level, let's regroup to fight for legal victories as it begins to happen all over the world. There are ways to resist, find out!Let's be offensive, put pressure on the lobbies, continue the demonstrations, intensify the boycotts, denounce the gross abuses, invest social networks, gain ground on foot, block the country if we must get there because this system is unbearable, all this will go to the unsustainable that some do not seem to have understood yet, to have reached.

Destructions, precariousness, poverty, injustice, denatured food, fantasy debt, climate change, sacking of resources, mountains of waste, intensive pollution, hungry people, invasion of plastics, animal agriculture in total crisis of dementia, indigenous peoples on the way to extinction, market-economy wars, pesky pesticides, greedy or self-sufficient politicians, or both, and the worst of all, are not there so many reasons to move, to revolt, to rebel?

It is by ourselves that it begins. Let's stop waiting.

The beginning of the 20th century marked the advent of the deadly fight capitalism vs communism, the beginning of the 21st century will be another fight without mercy: Capitalism vs ecologism.

 If environmentalism loses, we will all lose.
 It will be our obsolescence programmed to us ... But capitalism will have lost, whatever it thinks of it, whatever it does, whatever it destroys to the extreme to remain in place clinging to an outdated ideology of endless profit.

Utopians are no longer those we believe, the real utopia today is to believe that everything will continue as before.
So to those who think that all this is useless, impossible, you are asked to let those who believe in it all the same.

Today 15 October 2018, the capitalist system continues its way as if nothing had happened, a Monday like another under the skies of Paris and elsewhere.
By millions, we will feed its matrix as if nothing had happened, a Monday like another under the skies of Paris and elsewhere. 
However, it turns out that a gang of refractory Gauls loafers who are nothing decided that they would not let go of anything as if nothing had happened, even Mondays like the others under the skies of Paris and elsewhere.

This band of happy activists united for the climate, you will find everywhere from now on, under various names, under different banners, on the walls, on the internet, in the streets, in the cities, to share news, demonstrations, actions, resistance, strikes. 
Everywhere in France must rise the wind of sharing, unity and global change. 
Sharing is a weapon of massive construction.

Let's wake up! 
The Gueux strike back, the kaves rebiffent are finished with this review protester sponsored by our new alien friend to whom we make a big big up, it will always be welcome at the counter, you'll see we're on the dark side of the rebelling , we also have chocolate (organic) 😈!

This march for the climate has passed, the future is already today.

This planet can not support this system.

 There is no plan B because there is no planet B.

 Take action. All over. Now.Other nearby struggles are coming. 

 Everything starts.

Stay tuned * .🚨


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